our first walk

Before fateful fall #2 [see yesterday’s post] I took Woz on her first walk. 

And it was hilarious. 

Woz's first walk

It was only Woz’s 2nd time on a leash [the first was the day we adopted her… um a week ago] so we’re still learning the ropes. Or I guess, leash. 

I had the grand idea that we’d be jogging down the road together on take one.

Totally not the case. 

woz's first walk

Here are a few of my favorite moments:
- Woz startled from birds flying away from her
- Woz trying to decide if she should chase the birds 
- Woz plopping her little self down in front of people’s homes and just looking at me
- Woz running for 10 seconds only to be distracted by a new yard to sniff
- Carrying Woz past a certain house with a certain vocal canin
- Walking back and forth in front of the same 10 homes loving every minute… of our 10 minute walk.

We have not been out on the pavement since our first walk [mainly due to the stormy evening weather we’ve been having… oh and the time I messed up my knee again… ha!] But we have every intention to getting into the daily habit of walking together. 

Any advise on walk-training? Is that even a thing?

Your girl is planning on learning by trial and trail over here right now.