oops, I did it again

In the 3 weeks I’ve wearing my Apple Watch, I have become obsessed with closing all of my activity rings every day. They are a great motivation and are achievable ONLY if I put my shoes on and go outside and do something [or walk around my apartment watching Hulu for an hour… ha]. 

neon running shoes and flowers

I was excited to have a very simple jog around my neighborhood Sunday afternoon. The weather was perfect, I just started Elise’s recent podcast episode and 5 minutes in and it happened again [see: the Easter accident].

Two kids riding their bikes crossed in front of me so I slowed down. I waited just long enough and started running again only to almost be run over by their dad, also on a bike. As luck would have it, the knee that took the beating from my super awkward fall was the exact same one from Easter. 

Blood pouring down my leg, I hobbled home and muttered “I’m just so mad” under my breath all the way. 


I was looking forward to getting back into the running groove, especially with the beautiful weather and my soon-to-be abundance of summer time. It took 3 weeks after my running accident Easter morning to recover enough to wear jeans and go on walks. I really didn’t want to have to start that process all over again.

But the hardest part was that I wasn't able to close my activity rings this Sunday, thereby ending my 18 day streak.

I know how that sounds. But I had to convince myself that I have to let go of my need for perfect streaks and let myself heal.

There will be days that those rings don’t close. There will also be days that those rings make laps around themselves and I break new personal records. That’s life! And if I’ve been learning anything lately, life is all about progress, not perfection

So cheers to imperfect Mondays & band-aids the size of my fist!

And huge cheers to the fact that this is the last teaching Monday of the school year!