currently | 06

This image sums up what the last 3 weeks of school feel like.

And, yes, that is my sweet Woz sleeping in her [empty] water bowl.

Woz sleeping in water bowl

Right now I am currently: 

Waiting semi-patiently for my new shoes to arrive

Riding a 15 day move streak on my watch

Looking forward to fitting Woz in a harness and attempting our first walk together this weekend

Preparing for the crazy that is Buddy Fun Day tomorrow @ school

Drinking lots of iced coffee

Crossing off one thing at a time off my seemingly never-ending to-do list

Wondering if creating 2nd grade envelope time capsules for each of my students to open when they graduate is too big of an undertaking [and then remembering that it's totally worth it]

Enjoying, still, my evening walks with Alton

Teaching division & insect life cycles this week

Listening to NPR every morning and afternoon