12 Lists | 4: best parts of spring

I am excited to be joining some creative women on the 12 Lists series, a monthly list-making series for those who love writing lists. This month's topic: the best parts of spring.

12 lists: The Best Parts of Spring

- Being able to drive to work in daylight
- The signaling of the end of another school year
- My birthday
- Smelling the honeysuckle bush in my parent’s backyard
- Grilling out multiple times a weekend
- Spring showers
- Watching MLB with family and friends
- Driving home from work in daylight
- Evening walks with Alton Brown and soon Woz
- Oh, and more daylight hours

What are your parts of spring? Make a list of yours, share it, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up here. Likely story that Im finally getting my list up the last possible day the link-up is open. So jump on it and join in while you can! Happy list-making!