I adopted a puppy

48 hours ago that was NOT the title I had thought I'd write. 

But life happened and my world just got a million times more sweeter. And dirtier. And chewed on. Ha.

I adopted Woz the Dog

After a leisurely brunch at our favorite Saturday morning spot, my dad and sister wandered over to our local vet to peruse the puppies that had been brought for a rescue adoption day. 20 minutes later my whole family was at the adoption event. After holding a black and white 14 week old King Charles Spaniel mix, my family knew within seconds that she was the one that would be coming home that day. 

But then the shelter coordinators continued to talk about "her sister." This sister was quietly laying in her crate off to the side just enough that she wasn't easy to see. I joked that my parents couldn't split up the sisters. 

The lesson: be very careful about what you say.

The result: I ended up falling in love with this puppy's sister and within 20 minutes she was mine.

I'm very excited and slightly terrified about adopting my own puppy. This is serious business but what a perfect time to learn and grow with her! 

So without further ado, meet the girls:

Woz the Dog 14 Weeks

Name: Woz [after Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple]
Age: 14 weeks [ish]
Gender: female
Color: black [ish]
Breed: King Charles Spaniel [mix]
Sister to Lizzie Jo
Loves: to pounce in the backyard, playing with her sister, and cleaning out her food bowl 
Instagram: Wozthedog or #wozthedog

Lizzie Jo the Dog 14 weeks

Name: Lizzie Jo
Age: 14 weeks [ish]
Gender: female
Color: white & black
Breed: King Charles Spaniel [mix]
Sister to Woz
Loves: the camera, finding a solid stick, and sitting in laps

Need even more of a puppy fix? Follow Woz on Instagram: @wozthedog