hosting a dinner party | the prep

Every time I hold the latest issue of Kinfolk in my hand, I pour over every essay, image and recipe. I love the idea of preparing a meal to share, yet somewhere along the line I've convinced myself that I'm incapable of actually doing it. Obviously I've been believing a lie.

Shaun Niequist completely redefined what hosting meant to me and really inspired me to actually practice opening up my home to my people in her book Bread & Wine. Yes, it's about the food and the atmosphere and the effort you put into it. But it's so much more that that, it's about the people surrounding the table, spilling drinks and taking home leftovers. 

One of my 25ish things I want to do before I turn 25 [we're only a year and a few days away] is to host a dinner party. Who best to try your first one out on than your immediate family? 

My plan right now is simple.

I'm going to make Pam Lackey’s Parmesan Chicken and Hash Brown Casserole, there’ll be fresh flowers, desert baked by my younger sister, and glasses full of iced tea. 

Here's my current to do list:
- Finalize menu [that sounds SO incredibly grown up]
- Buy ingredients & fresh flowers
- Clean my house [HOW does it look so wonderful on the weekends and practically fall apart during the work week. Does this happen to anyone else??]
- Hand deliver the invitations
- Light a new candle and cook my little heart out
- Enjoy time with my people

I have no insane expectations. Only excitement to share my space and a meal with the people I love.