spilled coffe, skinned knees & a bed full of kleenex

I'm quite literally laughing out loud at my current situation. 

Let's break it down.

Spilled Coffee
I have always prided myself on not being addicted to caffeine. However, due to my daily afternoon flat whites when I travel, I'm starting to feel the brewing of an addiction. I brought an iced coffee to work yesterday. I told myself and my kiddos that I was going to drink half of it in the morning and then save the rest for the afternoon. My plan worked perfectly. My kiddos monitored my consumption and halfway through the coffee, it went right into my mini fridge. After school I was planning with another teacher when the worst thing in the history of the world happened [obvious exaggeration].... I spilled the entire half of my coffee on myself. Not just a spatter on my dress. But full on pouring on my dress, legs, shoes, carpet. It was a blur. If you look way too close at the above picture, you can probably see a stream of dried coffee still on my leg. But! Today is a new day! There is plenty of coffee to go around! And plenty of time to start to pull myself off my caffeine addiction... right? 

Skinned Knees
On Sunday, I had a smidge of time between ordering the steaks-to-go and picking them up so I went for a quick run. Let's just say that the whole episode ended with me twisting my ankle and completely scraping up my right knee [the picture does not do it justice]. Oh, and also I called my mom. She graciously drove through her neighborhood and found her oldest daughter limping towards her car. Ha! I'm laughing right now as I type this. Found out later that tight jeans and a bandaid over a knee whose outer [and middle] layer of skin had just been removed, make for a very uncomfortable experience. For the record, I'm blaming my knee on my egg hunt loss.

Bed Full of Kleenex
Last but not least. The short story is, allergies have come upon me. So much so that my students walked in our classroom, didn't notice the 5 inches of hair I cut off, but were very concerned that I sounded differently. "What's wrong with your voice? Why do you sound so funny?" And you know it's bad when a student gets up in the middle of class to bring you a tissue. Thank you, child. 

So there you have it. 3 reasons you should be glad you're not me this week. But, hey, what's life if not a reason to laugh at yourself?