march in review

In an effort to remember my most favorite parts of 2015, I've decided to document each month as they pass. Enjoy!


Here’s what happened:
- I decided to learn to code
- I ate a platter of freshly baked bread here and called it a very good day
- Spent a week in Houston for Spring Break
- I ate a lot during said week [shown here, here and here]
- Had some quality best friend time [and precisely 2 cappuccinos in an hour span]
- Expanded my podcast horizons
- Continued to make progress on my 2015 goal
- Ran&walked 40.3 miles
- Finished my 2nd scarf and finally learned this technique
- Nerded out over the Apple event [gold macbook & watch…. duh]
- Booked my flight to San Francisco 
- Celebrated Apple Guy’s birthday
- Completed exactly one week of the Miracle Morning
- Discovered the cortado