7 take-aways from 7 days with the Apple Watch Sport

1. 99% of the time I forget about the fact that I’m wearing an electronic device on my wrist. Absolutely a testament to the fact that good design fades into the background. 

wearing the Apple Watch Sport

2. 3rd party apps aren’t doing much for me right now. But it’s week one and true to the heart of innovation, that will soon change. 

3. All day battery for the win. For the first few days I was glued to my battery percentage just terrified that it wouldn't last past lunch, but now it sits on an average of 15% as I climb into bed at night. Including workouts! Whew! 

4. Apple Pay is It’s almost feels too good to be true in all the right ways. 

Apple Watch modular face
Apple Watch activity rings

5. My watch face configuration keeps everything right where I need itthe current weather, my activity rings, a timer that gets used 10-15 times a day at school, the date [because I can never remember], sunrise & sunset for mapping out running times and the current time… obviously. 

6. The activity rings are the rings of champions. Or something. They are seriously one of my favorite and most motivational tools on the watch. Much better [at least for me] than the FitBit I bought a year ago and wore for approximately 5 months. I’ve closed all 3 of my rings 5 of 7 days. The first day was because I only had my watch for a few hours and the second time was because it was just one of THOSE days. I'm excited to see how my goals increase each week and if those rings keep me accountable to being active. 

Apple Watch activity rings

7. Sentimental moment here: being able to feel Apple Guy’s heartbeat has become a comfort for me. This is revolutionary for the girl whose primary love language is touch and lives 9 hours away from her guy.

Overall: Still a huge fan. It is without a doubt the most personal device I own but is totally the one that makes the most sense for me at this time. 

Ha. Get it? Time

Oh, goodness. Happy Friday! 

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