Chronicle Books

After enjoying an afternoon cheering on the Giants, we spent some time wandering around downtown San Francisco. 

And then I saw it. Creative book Mecca. 

Chronicle Books in San Francisco

Although I was suffering from the worst blisters of my life, I gave Apple Guy no choice, we had to go inside the famous Chronicle Books.

books at Chronicle Books in San Francisco

Throughout the last 5 years my bookshelf & my wish list have slowly filled themselves with a variety of Chronicle Books. From baking Tartine's famous bread to blogging to sweet and hilarious and inspiring children's books to books about creating a home and traveling and all the things. I'm a huge fan.

I could have spent hours in that small storefront browsing hundreds of books.

In fact, if I ever move to San Francisco, I know where I'll be working. 

Just imagine it. Every day I'd go to work at my own little creative version of Kathleen Kelly's The Shop Around the Corner from You've Got Mail.

But with a amazingly inspiring book publisher instead. 

Hey, a girl can dream, right?