how we ended up at a Giant's game

Saturday morning, Apple Guy and I were walking around the Ferry Building right off the bay in San Francisco. I just love exploring farmers markets and I was mesmerized by the view of the city and the bay. 

Until I heard a voice. An oddly familiar voice. 

The Ferry Building in San Francisco

At a picnic table just a smidge away were two families eating lunch. One man was much louder than the rest and sported a Texas Tech University jacket. As a gal who grew up in Lubbock and a Tech alum, I was excited to find someone on the west coast who was somehow connected to Texas Tech. 

But it was more than that. I just knew I had seen him before. 

I sneaked a picture of him and sent it to my dad back in Texas. After 30 seconds had gone by and there was no reply from dad, I called. 

“Dad! Check your phone! Did you see it? Is that Steve from your work? The guy who does your company’s tailgates?” 

Well, it sure was. 

view from the Giant's game

However, he and his family were now leaving and I knew that this would be my only opportunity to put myself out there and channel my inner extrovert. 

After startling him, I introduced myself to Steve and his family who were in town visiting their daughter. He knew immediately who my dad was and within minutes we were laughing at the fact that we would stumble upon each other 1,400 miles from home. 

He asked what we had planned for the next day and offered us two tickets to see the Giants play. What? So kind!

So Sunday morning after Apple Guy and I had experienced Tartine AND walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, we enjoyed a early afternoon baseball game with a few Lubbock-ites.

at Giants game

Moral of the story: Be bold. And network. And call your dad if he doesn’t answer his texts.