happy apple watch day!

GUYS! It's here! The Apple Watch is finally here after 8 long months! 

The watch is coming

As of the publishing of this post at 5 am, I am not so patiently awaiting it's arrival and I will be religiously checking my phone to see the latest delivery update.

Oh. Did I ever tell you about my experience ordering the watch? 

The Apple Watch was available for pre-order starting at 2am on April 10th. ALL thanks go to Apple Guy who selflessly (and total nerd-like) drove to his store at 1am so he could order our watches at exactly 2am. 

I had set an alarm for 3am to check my phone to see if there was any news on the ordering front. 

Good news: my watch was ordered first and would be at my house on April 24th (launch day).

Bad news: Apple Guy's watch would NOT be arriving until late May even though his order was placed 60 seconds after mine. 


Fast forward to this week. My official delivery time period was April 24-May 8th and so when I had not received any shipping notifications on the 22nd, I was doubtful that I'd actually receive the watch on the 24th. Bummer.

shipment on its way

Until I awoke yesterday morning to a notification that my Apple Watch had shipped early that morning.

Totally screen-shot that and sent it to Apple Guy, slightly wanting to rub it in his face, who respond a few hours later with the news that his had actually shipped yesterday as well!

Apple does not mess around. 

Hey, if you've read this far, HIGH FIVE to you. You're probably just as nerdy as I am about all this.

If you have NO idea what this Apple Watch hype is about... first watch this and then come back on Monday for a recap of my first 48 hours with the watch. 

 Side note: I'm also a HUGE fan of this video right here explaining Apple's response to environmental responsibility. Can't wait to share it along side our study of the Lorax in science next week. Happy Every-Day Earth Day! 

See you back here bright an early on Monday!