field trip

Yesterday was the final day of our dreaded state testing. Hallelujah.

It is a lot harder than you would think to keep 40 little people super quiet for 3 days. We all were going a little stir crazy. 

Thankfully, 2nd grade was asked to go on a field trip on the final day of testing because our rooms were needed for test administrations.

We loaded up 2 buses and headed to a local skating rink. Approximately half of our students had never skated before so I spent a lot of time lacing up skates, holding hands around the rink and helping pick students up off the floor. I think I also said "that's okay!" and "you get 100 free falls!" a few hundred times today. Lots of pep talks happening. 

But also some racing, some dancing and mostly having plain old fun. Seeing the joy on their faces when they were able to skate around the rink without falling or holding onto the railing was so wonderful. 

After we skated our hearts out, we had lunch at a local park and ended the day at the university's museum. 

Let's just say, I power napped it like nobody's business when I got home last night and I'm holding onto my iced coffee with tight fists today.