the cruffin [it's a thing]

Sometimes you listen to a San Fran veteran's bakery recommendation in an Uber ride and make a note of it on your phone.

And then the next thing you know you're waiting in a line outside of a bakery

And you don't even know why you're waiting in line.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse "I got baked in San Francisco"

And then you find out that there are actually two lines. One for the normal pastries and another for the cruffin [part croissant, part muffin].

And once you find out that you're in the cruffin line you decide that you're already committed and must now order this said cruffin. 

And then you finally get in the door and smell the goodness that is the cruffin.

And then you lay eyes on the cruffin. And order one. And two coffees. 

Cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

And before you know it, you're eating this oddly delightful pastry with others who you now feel a sense of commoradory with. Crumbs down your shirt and fingers covered in sugar.

And you walk out laughing at the last 30 minutes of your life. And vow to someday return to cruffin again.