cold brew coffee

It’s no news that I love iced coffee. But specifically, cold brew is where it’s at. 

Cold brew is my warm day go-to. It’s cold, easy and it goes a long way. Because it’s concentrated, I can make a small batch and can stretch it by adding ice and milk for a few days. 

So that’s exactly what I did Sunday afternoon.

Cold Brew coffee using French Press

I took an accidental [are they ever, really?] nap after lunch and awoke needing a little pep to get me through the last of my grading and blog post prepping. I grabbed a tall iced coffee and a pound of Willow Blend

Once home, I added a signifiant amount of milk [it’s my thing] to my iced coffee and began to ground my fresh beans. 

Adding to his list of awesomeness, Apple Guy worked as a barista for four years. He has been enlightening me in my coffee journey and has taught me two of the biggest game changers: always buy beans at a Starbucks store and store beans in one of these bad boys, NOT the packaging they come in. I guess I’ll keep him around. 

I poured my freshly ground beans into my french press and added cold water. After stirring to make sure all of the beans are wet, I set it out to soak for a good 12 hours. The next day I used my french press’s filter to press the beans down and was left with the cold brew concentrate. 

Before work I pour equal part concentrate and milk over ice and enjoy every sip during our morning good things

In fact, sometimes when I have to think about what my good thing is to share with my class, they shout out “Ms. Brimeyer! You’ve got your coffee! That’s a good thing!” 

Yes. A very good thing.