what's in my bag [right now]

They say the inside of one's bag corresponds with the character of the bag owner. Though, I'm not quite sure who "they" are...

what's in my bag

For giggles, here's what I'm currently carrying: 

  • This lip stain. It’s low matienance and makes me feel like a real adult. Plus, it goes with anything.
  • My wallet. Because, obviously.
  • Notebook & pen. Let’s be real. This gets used once in a blue moon. But it looks dang cute. 
  • The shuffle. Remember this little guy from Christmas? Yea… it never leaves my bag. It’s there just in case. And it makes me smile. 
  • These bobby pins. I don't use anything else. 
  • A hairbrush. If I’m starting to feel grouchy, I reach for my brush. Freshly brushed hair makes for a calmer me. Ha!
  • Dark chocolate. Brushed my hair and still not feeling 100%? Hand me some dark chocolate. I stow these little guys away for after dinner meals or when traveling and I just need a little pick me up. I’m telling you, they’re the way to my heart. 86% is my jam btws. 

Not pictured: the scarf I still haven’t finished. Yeah, I knit 95% of it in one day but for some odd reason I’m on the struggle bus trying to finish that last row of casting off. And yes, it does live in my bag. I'm the crazy knitting lady.