host(ed) a dinner party

Crossed another item off of my 25ish things to do before 25 list.

In summary: Howwwww has it taken me this long to open up my home?

dinner party table

Saturday afternoon I grabbed the ingredients I needed for the parmesan chicken and potato casserole. I might have only had to call Pam twice to coach me through a few ingredient questions in the middle of the grocery store. I'll take that as a celebration.

The actual cooking was what I had the most concerns about. More specifically, the timing of it all. One dish at a time is no problem. But when faced with cooking multiple dishes at different times and temperatures I started to become slightly anxious. Then I took a step back and realized that it was only dinner. And not extremely fancy of a dinner. As long as the chicken wasn’t raw and the potatoes weren’t cold, we’re good!

To my amazement, the food was ready just as my family walked in the door bearing fresh green beans and an amazingly decadent chocolate peanut butter pie. 

chocolate peanut butter pie

Immediately, I fell in love. We filled up plates, sat at my usually empty table and proceeded to clear our plates. 

Though I eat dinner with my family at least once a week, there is something so much more intimate about them being in my own home eating a meal that I prepared. The whole act almost felt as a big 'thank you' for being my family. 

After dinner we laughed in my living room, watched YouTube videos of puppies and I showed my grandmother the Apple Watch I pre-ordered. Her words after "Man, I need to get me one of these!" 

I was surprisingly sad when everyone left. We immediately made plans for another dinner at my house and I've already started counting down the days and planning the next menu. 

I've officially caught the hosting bug. 

Thank you, Pam for gifting me these trusty recipes. My dad is still raving over every bite of the chicken & potato casserole.