you know you're dating an apple guy when... | 002

This is what your phone looks like during the Apple Event

Apple Guy

I headed home yesterday afternoon, plugged in my computer and pulled up the Apple Event. Thanks to Apple Guy (aka Bryan) I had a pretty good idea of what was announced just a few hours earlier. 

But knowing what's coming never takes away from the experience that is watching Apple Events. 

Yes. I know. Total nerd. 

After watching the event, I joked about my frustration with Apple. They have an uncanny ability to show me something I didn't know I was "missing."

A gold computer? Uh, yes.
A $700 smart watch? Duh. 

To quote my 2nd graders who learned recently about advertisements and are quick to notice a sales pitch, they're trying to persuade me to buy something! And it's working. 

Apple Watch

After many conversations, I still cannot decide which watch I'll be getting in April. Since the watch's unveiling last fall, I have started setting aside money for the watch. Yes, it's a lot. I know that. But it's worth it. 

Will everyone buy a watch? Not for awhile, at least. But that's okay. 

I remember getting super irritated with my high school boyfriend for considering spending $600 on this cell phone/ipod called the iPhone. Who would spend that much money on a phone? 

20/20 right? 

I'm most excited about the connectivity, the fitness information, and it's beautiful design. And I absolutely love the fact that 5 years or 10 years later I'll look back on this Apple Watch I bought and laugh about how far we've come. I love technology and innovation and design and thinkers and I look forward to seeing where it all takes us.