good things

Every morning after my students have eaten breakfast, made their lunch choice for the day, and have completed their morning work, we gather around the perimeter of our carpet. We say good morning to each other and then I set a 5 minute timer.

I start.

“My good thing is..” 

good things carpet

Then hands go up and we go around the perimeter sharing our "good things." 

I didn’t do this last year. And I struggled last year. I struggled finding things to be happy about in our classroom, liking my children all the time, and my students didn’t always like each other. But this year, we’ve shared our "good things" every day since the first day of school and it has made all the difference. 

Their "good things" range from looking forward to taking a nap after school, to getting to see mom or dad this weekend, or the fact that they finally figured out how to build a door on Minecraft. This simple routine not only gives me insight into their lives, but reminds my students that the people sitting around them are just like them. And even on the hard days, reaching into our brains to find at least one good thing sets the tone of the day off on such a better foot. 

Real talk: life is hard. Plans change, setbacks happen. Sometimes it’s hard to go through a day and find even one good thing. But one of the biggest things I’ve learned is that the simple act of finding something good in our day can shift our perspective just enough to remind ourselves that life really is going to be okay. 

As a part of our daily phone conversations, Apple Guy and I have been trying to share our good things. When we take the time to do it, I notice a shift in our conversation. Yes, the annoyances or stress of our days still are there, but holding onto that glimmer of hope, no matter how small, means that those setbacks aren’t everything

So what is your good thing? Share it with someone today.