holy smokes, it's april

This school year is flyingggg by with only 38 more days of waking up early for school. 

April calendar

It’s crazy to think that we’ll only change our calendar one more time this year before my second batch of seconds head on their way to third grade. 

Cue: a tear.

8 months ago, 40 little ones walked into Room 400. They [somewhat] knew their basic addition and subtraction facts, thought I was the music teacher, and were very quiet about their daily good thing

Now, we have mastered 3-digit addition and subtraction, have learned the proper way to greet someone and shake their hand, and have developed a true family inside our 4 walls. 

My students act like siblings because, understandably, sometimes being around the same 20 people for 8 hours a day can make one a little stir-crazy. But, it’s undeniable, our room feels off when even one student isn’t there.

In the final two months of school, I’m looking forward to: our field trip, creating the life cycle of a butterfly using pasta, continuing our financial literacy unit [my absolute favorite], Buddy Fun Day, handing out awards at our 2nd grade recognition assembly and soaking up every hug and silly moment with my 40 favorite little people. 

** For the record, I’m pretty sure this is the only time our calendar has been changed BEFORE the new month. I attribute it to the Dr. Pepper I had at 3:20 yesterday afternoon. Shout-out to caffeine!