operation: learn to code

Coding is hard.
Coding is boring.
Coding is for boys.
Coding has to be learned in school.
Coding isn’t for me.
I have missed out.

But what if that's not true?

What if a college educated 20something woman like myself could learn to code? 

Two episodes [1 &2] from my newest podcast obsession, New Tech City, narrow in on the topic of women and coding have completely sparked something in me. [Side note: I cannot wait to continue to listen to every archived episode. SO insanely interested!] These episodes center around the discussion of how computer programing is presented to women and how women are just as capable to learn to program as their male counterparts. 

Well, that settles it, I have officially decided to give coding a shot. 

During spring break, using Codeacademy, I learned the basics of HTML and CSS and have started learning the building blocks of building an interactive website. I know I’m starting from scratch here and Codeacademy may or may not be the overall best way to learn, but it’s a start and I’m good with that.

So just as I have shared with you my knitting and my running journey, I’m going to take you along as I set out to not only learn a little bit about coding, but seek to master this trade. 

Yes. You heard me. Master coding. 

Fingers crossed and laptop charged. Let’s do this.