podcast love

I’m not going to go all hipster on you, but I liked podcasts before Serial. 

Although, I think Apple Guy can pull a true hipster. He started listening in 2006. Pretty sure I didn’t even have an iPod yet at that point.

Podcast Love

The first podcasts that I religiously subscribed to were sermons and the hilarious duo of Joy and Tracy of Joy the Baker podcast

My love and appreciation for podcasts blossomed as I spent countless hours listening on my phone walking around on campus in college. They filled the void in those early running days and made life feel so much more productive. 

Now, my drives across Texas and my runs around the track both require a fair amount of podcasts. The stories are what get me through and really help bring value and intention to my time. And let’s not kid ourselves, they can also be insanely hilarious and serve as a break from the normalcy of the day.

My podcast favorites are somewhat random but completely wonderful. They each have their own story and tone and purpose and I just love the heck out of that. 

So, in no particular order, my favorite 'casts of the now: 

1. This American Life: Thoughtful pieces on the American life.
2. Bon Appetit: An oddly satisfying foodie discussion.
3. Invisibilia: Amazingly mind-blowing.
4. Elise Gets Crafty: Small business focused and answers to questions you never wanted to ask.
5. After the Jump: Creative business focused. 
6. TED Radio Hour: Well, we know how I feel about TED. 
7. The Lively Show: My favorite interviews.
8. Joy the Baker: Like talking with your best friend.
9. Serial: It was a serial hit for a very serious reason. So good.
10. Lady Business Radio: Hilarious and down to business.

How do you feel about podcasts? Have any favorites of your own?