on the road again

Over the last year I have become more familiar with the roads of Texas. 

Though I still heavily rely on my phone to get me where I want to go, I’ve started to commit to memory the small towns on my more frequent drives to Austin and Houston. 


As I slow down and take in the slightly unique personalities of each town, I wonder about their occupants. Why have they chosen to live there? What is their favorite thing about living in the middle of Texas, just enough out of the big city that the stars shine bright at night and the sounds reach deep into one’s soul? [deep, I know]

This weekend I’m spending time in both Austin and Houston for Apple Guy’s birthday & to hang out with my best friend. We’ll probably eat at extremely familiar places and order the things that make my heart happy. There’ll be plenty of walks and for sure at least one day that resembles this one

It’s gonna be grand.