This marks my 59th blog post in 2015 & the longest I have ever continued a New Year’s goal in the history of my life.

This is big, people. 

Make 29 Goal Tracker

I set this goal for myself as a both a challenge and a vehicle. 

It’s not easy writing a post for every weekday. Yes, I know, it’s not rocket science either. However, it’s definitely in between. The biggest mind battle I face is owning up to the fact that I can be whatever kind of blogger I want to be. And also, I have something to say, dang it. 

But this is also a creative habit that is a vehicle for my creative life. 

Because of this blog:
- I pay more attention to the pictures I take
- I actually finished a few knitting projects
- I've shared my running journey to date
- I've dug into coding and interweb skillz
- I have become more disciplined at pursuing creative things
- I have met some really cool people
- I’ve owned up to the fact that I’m a creative and I’m really interested in learning and sharing and growing

Most of all, I’ve been reminded time and time again that it’s about progress, not perfection. This blog is not one single post. It’s a collection of lessons and thoughts and stories and pictures that make up my life right now. It will always continue to evolve and in that I find comfort. 

So, thank you, friend, for reading along. Thank you for laughing with me and cheering me on. And thank you for every ounce of joy you bring to Ashley Joanna.

Okay, sentimental post over and out. Go eat some dark chocolate. 

[Insert chocolate & peace sign emoji here]

P.S. How cool is it that my progress tracker is growing? Every day I color in a circle I do a little happy dance. Want your own? Grab it here!