in the books

Well, my friends. That’s another spring break in the books. 

Ashley Joanna at Hillside Farmacy

One of my favorite things about being a teacher is the breath of fresh air provided by our favorite week off in March. 

But that’s obvious.

What’s not so obvious is the fact that when waking up on Sunday morning, my last morning of the break, I didn’t dread the coming Monday

It could be because I woke up in the home of my best friend in Austin or the fact that I knew that delicious homemade flax granola over fruit & greek yogurt was waiting for me at Hillside Farmacy. Either way, it’s the sign of a good break that thinking about going back to work isn’t dreadful. 

I look forward to greeting my kiddos at the door, hearing about their weeks and then jumping right back into our study of measurement. 

Plus, there’s just something so comforting in routine.

So, cheers to only 66 more days until summer vacation! 

photo by Betsy Lackey