eat dessert first

There’s no way around it. I’m a dessert gal. 

macaroons chocolate chip cookie homemade marshmallow

I love to round off my meal with a piece of fine dark chocolate or treat myself to a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie on occasion. Because why not? 

Apple Guy loves peanut m&ms. However, he cannot just eat one handful. He attacks the bag. Like the bag is literally ripped open. It's scary.

I, however, savor my sweets. I know that they’re a splurge, but I know that they are well worth it and gosh darn it, I’m going to enjoy them.


We picked up these precious macaroons at Petite Sweets: blueberry and red velvet for Apple Guy and spicy Mexican chocolate and s’mores for me.

As we were about to walk out the door with our cookies, I spotted homemade cookies and cream marshmallows. I had to try one. It’s my civic duty.

macaroons chocolate chip cookie homemade marshmallow

And speaking of savoring, I’ve been munching on this chocolate chip cookie for a few days. There’s not much to compare this cookie to other than what I imagine heaven is like. Next time you're at Tiny’s No. 5 in Houston, try not to eat the whole thing before your meal comes. I mean, come on, they have a section on their website dedicated to this delicious nugget of joy. 

To round out all the joy that’s happening in sugar form, Apple Guy and I have loved taking our daily 4 mile walk/jog around town. More on that later but there's nothing like moving with your man. 

Plus, it’s vacation. Sweets totally justified. Can I get an amen?