a love note to spring break | part one

Dear Spring Break,

You are a welcome friend and it is so good to see you again. I feel like you snuck up this year. I guess it’s the weeks of ice and snow that made February and early March feel like the deep of winter. 

Bosta coffee and wine

The first few days with you have been glorious. I started by heading out on a 6.5 hour drive to Austin and quickly decided to push through the extra 2.5 hours and drove into Houston late Friday night. 

I was greeted with a skyline so beautifully lit and witnessed my first fatal accident [I’m okay, Mom, promise.]

Bosta flat white

Over the next 48 hours I ate 3 meals worth of hummus, walked&ran 10 miles, finally finished the Bachelor, drank 2 flat whites from my new favorite coffee shop in Houston [gotta check out Bosta] and had 2 completely different mac & cheese dishes. Really branching out here. 

Ruggles Green Quinoa Mac & Cheese

So far I’ve got a whole lot of nothing planned for the next week. So cheers to taking life as it comes!

And drinking lots more coffee and eating even more hummus. 

Let’s do this, Spring Break.

Your friend, 
Ashley Joanna