we made it to spring break [almost]

As of the publishing of this post at 5 am, we have 10.5 more hours until it officially starts. But it totally counts. 

Hello Spring

I'm looking forward to
- seeing Apple Guy
- staying with my best friend
- eating really good food
- making homemade salsa
- relaxing
- visiting my favorite Houston spots
- making San Francisco plans

I've packed
- my current scarf
- new yarn
- my running shoes
- my apple things
- my current Seth Godin book

I'll be listening to
- this album
- the TED radio hour
- NPR's Invisibilia podcast
- Elise Gets Crafty
- Steve Jobs book
- Quiet

I haven't 100% decided just how I'm going to document my Spring Break next week in blog form but you'll definitely want to come visit every day, that's for sure. 

Happy Spring Break, friends!