12 Lists | 2: Things that Make me Feel Confident

I am excited to be joining some creative women on the 12 Lists series, a monthly list-making series for those who love writing lists. This month's topic: things that make you feel confident.

12 lists things that make you feel confident

Not going to lie. This one took me a lot longer than I think was necessary. Isn't it silly how hard it is to think of things that make you feel confident?

- watching my kiddos teach each other
- wearing my favorite lip color
- knowing what I'm doing
- an affirming text from Apple Guy
- spending time alone to refuel (see: introvert) 
- good talks with my people
- spending time in the Word 

What makes you feel confident? Make a list of yours, share it, and be sure to submit your post to the link-up here. Happy list-making!