the day of the super bowl, also known as the day I almost died running

I wasn’t going to run. Nope. I was just going to go watch the Super Bowl at my parents and eat food on the couch. 

But then on my way to my parents, I thought it would be smart if I did run. 

Okay, I’ll run. Yeah, it won’t be that bad. It’s not as windy as it was earlier. 

Oh, rats. I left all my running gear at my house. Ohhhhhhh welllllllll.

Well, I could borrow from my sister. Okay, fine, I’ll do it. 

70 minutes and 5 miles later, I had finished the longest run of my life. And I felt great! Until I walked in the house. Then I basically died.

I’m still learning how to dress appropriately for the weather, so that might have been part of it. Also, according to my marathon-running Apple Guy, my body’s doing what it’s supposed to, burning fat. 

Well, ouch. Didn’t think burning fat hurt that badly. 

So, after 2 very hot showers & and day of rest I was back on the road Tuesday evening doing the same 70 min run. However, this time, I felt the strongest I’ve ever felt. 

Our bodies are crazy wonderful! 

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