25ish things before 25

On January 2, 2014, I made a list of the things I’d like to do before I turned 25.

A few things worth noting:  

- From the beginning, I wanted to be realistic with my list, not putting anything on there that I didn’t actually want to do. Since I originally drafted my list over a year ago, I’ve actually deleted quite a few items simply because I don't want to do them anymore.

- You’ll also notice that my list is titled 25ish things because I don’t have a set 25. It’s a flexible list. Just like my 2015 goals, these aren’t set in stone. If they were, it would feel more like an assigned project than one that’s meant to help me figure out what excites me the most. 

- I’ve also chosen to keep a few of the items private for the time being. No worries, though. They’ll be shared as they happen. Scout’s honor. 

[see #11. spoiler alert: it's Apple Guy]

[see #11. spoiler alert: it's Apple Guy]

So without further ado… THE LIST: 

1. Run a 10k (now a half marathon) 
2. Make & sell something 
3. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch
4. Tour a vineyard
5. See a movie by myself
6. Keep a plant alive for longer than a month
7. Host a dinner party
8. Create a floral arrangement
9. Finish a year of teaching
10. Finish 2 years of teaching
11. Go on a "blind" date
12. Bake macaroons
13. Buy original art
14. Go camping
15. Make a move
16. Keep photo books of each year (check from 2012-2014)
17. Find the perfect jeans
18. Visit San Francisco 
19. Knit a scarf
20. Coming soon
21. Coming soon
22. Coming soon

I've bolded & linked the items that I've completed as of 2/4/15.

Just for the record, I turn 25 in April of 2016. So with just over a year left to knock each of these out, I could not be more excited about what's about to happen.

Care to join me?