reason #201 why I love technology & other news

The internet is a wonderful thing [as previously discussed this week here]. 

I was able to "report" for my jury duty online weeks before my actual day of jury duty. 

I didn't have to get in my car, drive downtown, and waste a day of work. And thanks to the wonderful-ness that is technology, I was notified via a text message [what???] that I was not chosen to serve on a jury. Oh, darn. 

No Jury Duty

In other news: 

-  Apple Guy and I spent 30 minutes talking about which Apple Watch we want and why last night. #nerdalert

- We also have the Apple Event on our shared Apple calendar for March 9th [12 pm central time]. #seriousnerdalert 

- Let's talk about the weather: We had a snow delay Monday morning. Then I ran in 60 degree weather Wednesday afternoon. Drove to work in a snow storm Thursday morning. And at the time of writing this post, we are expecting up to 4 inches of snow Friday morning. Oh, Texas winters.

- I've semi been implementing my own version of a Miracle Morning this week. It's been interesting. First week's thoughts on the blog next week. 

- Can anyone else wrap their brains around the fact that it's practically MARCH???

- For my teacher friends: 14 days until Spring Break and ohhhhh 90 days until the last day of school. [Cheezin emoji here]. 

- Also, thanks for hanging out with me on the blog. As of this post, I've blogged 42 days in 2015 so far and have met my goal of blogging every week day. So excited to see where Ashley Joanna goes in 2015. 

** Edited at 2/27/15 @ 5:30 am to add that school is officially canceled today. Cue: SNOW DAYYYYYYYYY [thumbs up & snowflake emoji here]