blueberry coffee

I’m convinced that coffee makes the world go round. 

Thankfully, my life is not dictated by coffee. My relationship with the warm, nutty beverage is one of indulgence, not necessity. I normally only have a cup or two each week. But when I do, I savor every sip.

Wild-Mountain Blueberry coffee

My favorite drink now at Starbucks is the flat white. Yes, I totally jumped on board. It’s got my two favorites: espresso and milk. Simply wonderful.

At home I reach for an off-beat cup, Wild-Mountain Blueberry

Thanksgiving 2013, after I had put my homemade mashed potatoes in the oven and had sat down to wait for the remainder of dinner to be completed, I poured myself a cup of this odd beverage. 

Wild-Mountain Blueberry coffee

My grandfather noted my new found love for this coffee that tasted of blueberry muffins and chuckled at my enthusiasm. A few weeks later he handed me a box of this blueberry coffee that he had bought especially for me. A little over a year later and I’m still savoring these special cups one at a time. 

Do you have any favorite brews or special ways you take your coffee?