bookstore browsing

I could spend all day at Barnes & Noble and be a happy gal. 

One of my favorite memories of my grandfather was going to the book store. We would file in the door and quickly gravitate towards our genres of choice. 

Barnes & Noble and Goldendoodles

I would walk back and forth between the food books, children’s books [it’s the teacher in me], business books, and art books. My sister would spend the bulk of her time in front of all of C.S. Lewis’s books. My grandfather would camp out at the bargain book section and walk away with upwards of twenty books in one trip. [And he read every word! He was a high-powered attorney and spent thousands of hours pouring over words. It was my grandfather that gave me a love for classical music and the appreciation of a good book.]

The only rule to grandpa book browsing days was that everyone was required to find at least one book to take home, but preferably more. 

In honor of his birthday this week, my grandmother took us to Barnes & Noble and the same grandpa rules were in effect. 

The New York Dog

I walked my usual slow path in the store, picking up books that had good-looking covers and hugging books I was interested in all over the store. I left with Bread & Wine and All Marketers Are Liars [see my review of both of these books here!] and have been savoring each one. 

We walked out of the store with tangible reminders of the legacy of love our grandfather left behind. I cannot wait to continue the tradition of long book buying days and showering my family with stories, ideas, and inspiration.

Now that will make me a happy gal.