internet, meet Jordan

I love the internet. 

Jordan Brantley 2013

In 2012 I attended my first Blogshop in Austin, Texas. At the end of the weekend we were asked to create a kind of “final project” to showcase our new skills. The class voted on the favorite and the winner won the newest version of Photoshop. 

Well, surprisingly enough, that was me! (What??) 

Bri had been kind enough to retweet my winning submission and through that simple re-tweet I met one of my favorite people.

The details are fuzzy to us now, but somehow this graphic designer in Florida and I became Twitter friends.

- Then she asked me to be a part of the Create Like Crazy team.
- Then we became Skype friends.
- Then someone joked about me coming to visit in Florida.
- Then we started talking dates.
- Then I booked my ticket & flew to Florida in July of 2013.

Jacksonville Beach

The rest is pretty much history. Jordan and her husband not only invited me in their home, but brought me into their families and close friends and showed me the beautiful community they are a part of in Jacksonville. 

Here are some of my favorite things from that trip:

I left more inspired than I’ve ever been. 

Our friendship has only deepened in the last few years. After two years of visiting Jordan and her husband in the summer, we’ve only solidifed our creative and real-life friendship. They are home to me. 

Jordan Brantley, Ashley Brimeyer, Sarah Eddy

We’ve been through graduations, 4th of July celebrations, online dating [uh, way more on that later], lots of boy conversations, my first few years of teaching, new business ventures, church moves, cat additions, house moves, and now a pregnancy*! 

* I woke up Christmas morning last year to a text on my phone that read: "Merry Christmas, Aunt Brimsies!” Be still my heart. 

Sweet Theory Jacksonville, Florida

There’s just something so wonderful about knowing that I have people in Jacksonville. If I never meet another person on the internet, meeting Jordan and her community is 100% enough for me.

Way to go, interwebs!