valentine's day | a recap

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready for the Valentine’s posts to be over. But if you’re also anything like me, you know it’s important to document what life looks like as it happens

This was my first non-single Valentine’s Day since I was a junior in high school. The saddest part was that my Valentine [I refuse to use the #forevervalentine title] lives 9 hours from my front door and was working this weekend. Thankfully we saw each other last weekend and we exchanged words and time and this fantastic card then.

west crust heart shaped pizza

So here’s what my Saturday, February 14, 2015 looked like:

7:00 am: Awake, shower, coffee
7:25 am: Began watching one too many Friends
8:25 am: Realize I forgot to get Apple Guy an official VD present
8:30 am: Sent Apple Guy an Apple Store gift card (counting down days until the Apple Watch makes it’s debut)
10:00 am: Talked to Apple Guy on his way to work
10:30 am: Met my family to visit my grandfather
11:30 am: Satisfied Grandma’s chicken nugget craving at Chick-fil-a 
12:00 pm: Remembered that CFA is giving away free coffee all month and ordered myself an iced coffee
12:30 pm: Delivered VD gifts to my younger cousins
1:00 pm: Finished reading The Five Love Languages outside in the sun. 
3:45 pm: Started my run
4:59 pm: Finished my 74 minute run [over 5 miles y’all !!!!] 
5:30 pm: Ordered a heart-shaped pizza from a favorite local pizza place
5:45 pm: Helped mom make oven-roasted garlic mashed potatoes for her date with my dad
6:30 pm: Brought home the delicious heart-shaped pizza and 2 butterfinger blizzards for an evening with my Grandmother
7:15 pm: Listened to tales of my grandparent’s first few years of marriage and laughed at the life we’ve built as a family
7:55 pm: Headed home 
8:05 pm: Talked to Apple Guy about his day 
8:30 pm: Spent way too much time on facebook/instagram reading about everyone’s day [shoutout to YOU for reading mine ha!]
10:12 pm: Had my nightly FaceTime with Apple Guy and discussed how wonderful our lives are going to be when a little puppy named Woz enters into it in 2015
11:45 pm: Fell asleep to Friends 

It’s also worth noting that there were several pieces of dark chocolate consumed over the course of the day and though it was the least traditional VD I’ve had, it was without a doubt one of the best. Recognizing that spending time with family, making time to read and run, and loving on Apple Guy the best I could makes life so sweet.