the one about a list and a painting

I have a list. A list of 25ish things I’d like to do before I turn 25. 

One of the things at the top of my list, including bake loaf of bread from scratch and go on a blind date [check to both], is to buy original art

make29 choose painting

I’ve been following Elise from since 2011.

Elise has just completed her year long project, Make29. She created 12 products and sold them in editions of 29 & 290 [I bought the December edition]. When she announced that the final edition would be six of her beautiful abstract paintings & prints I just knew I had to get in on that action. 

elise blaha cripe make29 choose painting

The Make29 editions have had a history of selling out within hours and I knew that because it would launch during the middle of our school day that I would have no opportunity to purchase my own. Thanks to an Instagram post, I remembered immediately after school and within 10 minutes of seeing the post, I had consulted with my best friend and Apple Guy and I had bought the original painting of “Choose.” 

Not once did I ask myself if this was a silly impulse buy. It just simply wasn’t.

I knew three things: 
- I wanted to support Elise 
- I wanted to buy original art
- I just absolutely loved this painting

choose painting elise blaha cripe

I could not be more happy with my first original art purchase and I know for a fact this will not be my last. I may have caught the bug, sorry Apple Guy!