a running update

Remember when I said I wanted to take back September and start running again? Yeah, I hoped you didn’t. 

My goal was to run 8 times in the last few weeks of September, not a crazy goal when you consider that I ran 1 mile every day during July. But I ran a total of 0 times in September. 

Running in Austin |

The same story: excuses, moving, working, not knowing where exactly to run in my new city, #allthethings.

Fast forward 77 days from the last day I had run. 

I had 45 minutes before a FaceTime hang-out with this gal. I considered taking a nap and cleaning my kitchen, but for no clear reason, I entertained the thought of going for a run. 

So I went for it. Gave myself zero warning, put on my running clothes that had been neglected for far too long and hopped in the car. Once I found my trail, I allowed no time for reconsidering as I turned on a podcast, re-discovered the workout app on my Apple Watch and started running.

In the end, I ran 1.22 miles. Not the most impressive thing ever, but SO encouraging to a girl who was convinced that I’d never be able to run again, let alone get back up to 60 minutes worth of running at a time. 

Now, we are nowhere near 60 minutes of running, but my body was sore in all the right places the next day and I’ve actually scheduled in a run for today.

So cheers to taking this thing one mile at a time. Again.

Also, please don’t let me go 77 days again.  😬