I knit another scarf!

Last fall I stumbled my way through trying to teach myself to knit. I started and re-started about 56.5 times but finally ended up with a few pieces that I’m pretty darn proud of. 

I started the last piece I worked on the morning of Lubbock’s crazy winter storm in the middle of March. I hustled my way through 85% of it but once the snow dried up, so did my desire to finish. 

Warm weather does not equal knitting weather. 

Yet throughout the summer I had urges to finish that scarf. However, my things found themselves in boxes in storage in June preparing for my big move. 

In the weeks I’ve lived in Austin, it’s been pretty warm. No need for cardigans or scarves.

Until this weekend. Thanks to Hurricane Patricia, we received buckets of rain and temperatures as low as 55 degrees (!!!). It was finally time to bust out those knitting needles. 

While watching the original High School Musical (aka Grease) I finished up my favorite scarf to date. 

I have a feeling my needles will hardly be empty this year. And that makes me very, very happy. 

So I present my 2015-2016 knitting season goals:
- Add extra skeins & colors with ease
- Neatly weave ends 
- Knit an XL blanket 
- Visit specialty yarn shops around town