goodbye: take 2

4 months ago when I said goodbye to my Rocket family, I had no clue that it really wasn't goodbye. 

Now after 6 weeks of teaching 4th grade, I'm saying goodbye one final time. 

I loved seeing my teacher family every day. These people saw me as a student teacher 4 years ago, loved on me in my first year of teaching, encouraged me to find my groove as a teacher in year two, and embraced me one final six weeks for a spontaneous long-term sub position.

And those kiddos. Oh, those kiddos. My love for them is indescribable. One of the coolest things has been getting to teach the little ones from my first ever class, who are not so little anymore. Their 4th grade minds are a treasure. 

I may not know what tomorrow looks like, but I know that these 6 weeks really [and 3.15 years for that matter] have changed me for the better. 

So cheers to new beginnings! Next time I see ya, I'll be an official Austin resident.