two for friday | food edition

People who love to eat are always the best people.
— Julia Child
breakfast quinoa tiny's no. 5

Right at the start of the new year I had the most delicious breakfast quinoa at Houston's most wonderful restaurant, Tiny's No. 5. If you ask Apple Guy, I'll be visiting Tiny's as often as I visit him.

* I may or may not have driven to Tiny's on my way out of town to grab two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to share. They're famous. I mean, how could I not?

latte black coffee justin's peanut butter cup starbucks

Then, on a rainy Saturday in Austin over the break we spent some time reading our iPads, sipping some coffee, and sharing my favorite dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

Brag time: my guy knows how much I love these so he's made it a point to pick up my favorite Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups whenever we're together.


Well, friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Eat some delicious food, look your people in the eye and remind them exactly what they mean to you.

Trust me, it is so worth it. 

See you bright and early on Monday!