it's about progress, not perfection

Setting goals is one thing. Anyone can declare that they want to do x, y or z. But the person with the plan to get there, even if "there" seems crazy far-fetched, is the one most likely to do so. 

Something that's really hit home with me lately is that I'll never accomplish anything that I don't try. 

I'll never own a creative business if I don't ever take the first step. 
I'll never sell something handmade if I never make anything with my hands.
I'll never be a food photographer if I never take a picture of food.

Figuring out life is about progress, not perfection. It's about waking up every day and pushing myself to do those things that those lame voices inside say "oh, but that's for cool and successful and creative people like ____ to do; you can't do that, you're a teacher." Oh no, sister. Watch out! 

I've been following Elise from for several years. That girl is fearless when it comes to starting and trying and re-starting and planning and doing. When she launched her Make29 project in 2014 I knew I needed to get in on this. It's fitting that the month that I finally dive in is the goal setting, letterpress awesomeness.

The goal I chose to document is this: blog every weekday in 2015

Kind of obvious for a blogger, I know, but it is a tangible source of accountability. I am blogging even though I don't have "it all together." I am blogging to figure out just exactly what my creative voice is. Even though I have a full-time job and all these other lame excuses, I'm committing to post quality content, and be the blog that I want to read

Woo! That's crazy inspiring to write. Now, time for the follow through. 

For the record, I'm 5 for 5 as of this post today.

*Fist pump*