shoo-fly pie

My sweet friend, Betsy of Photo By Betsy, is on a major pie kick.

And she's really good at it.

shoo-fly pie

For as long as I've known Betsy, pie has been a part of her life. We baked pies at 2 am during my college years using a special family recipe and ate pies that her father baked during our weekly family night gathering. It is only fitting that in the last year she has fallen more in love with the art of baking and has been fearlessly baking new pies. 

She has the most wonderful hashtag #betsybakes that is forever and always going to be inspiring to me. Check it. 

#betsybakes on  instagram

#betsybakes on instagram

The last night of my Christmas break in Austin was spent in her warm kitchen learning to brown butter and measuring out spice after spice. We had flipped the pages of the new pie book I gave her for Christmas and landed on a Shoo-Fly Pie. 

shoo-fly pie first prize pies

The most wonderful thing about our pie, besides the fact that it made a lovely breakfast the next morning, is the fact that it was made with someone I really care about.

Note to self: make more things with my hands and do it with people I love doing life with. It's so incredibly rewarding.