saturday traditions

For the past year, my family has met faithfully at our local Einstein's for bagels every Saturday morning. 


Here's why it's one of my favorite weekend traditions:

  • I love that we know the ebb and flow of our location. It’s crazy town until 11 and from 11-1pm there is hardly anyone there. 
  • I love that I get the same turkey & cheddar melt on an everything bagel, double toasted [yes, double toasted] with a side of fruit.
turkey cheddar melt bagel
  • I love that on weekends that I’m with Apple Guy, he makes a point to take me to an Einstein’s, wherever we are. 
  • I love that my dad and I could spend hours there talking about the newest technology news, come up with crazy travel plans and dream big dreams. Oh and that he’ll die laughing when I show him videos like this.
  • I love that the second time Apple Guy met my family was at Einstein’s. 
  • I love that this tradition is constant. It’s dependable. It’s comfortable. It’s so valuable.
  • And also, who doesn't love a good bagel?

What weekend traditions do you hold close to your heart?