chocolate strawberry champagne cupcakes | a lesson in enjoying the trials

Let me first say these Chocolate Strawberry Champagne cupcakes would not be in existence without my sister. 

chocolate strawberry champagne cucpakes

I had every intention to participate in our school’s Cupcake Wars for our staff last week, but 5 inches of snow got in my way. Not wanting to let my fresh ingredients go to waste, I convinced my sister to help me bake this past weekend. 

My trooper of a sister laughed at me as I read and re-read the recipe 20 times, had a wrestling match with the strawberries and opened my first bottle of champagne [which was simultaneously entertaining and very un-epic].

While I was focused on the tiniest of things in the recipe, she has the amazing ability to process large chunks of it at a time and knock things out like nobody’s business. I was still on the struggle bus with my fresh&frozen strawberries and she already had the cakes in the oven. 

Filling and icing the cupcakes was another adventure in itself. With some googling, frantic texts to my best friend, and YouTube videos, Elizabeth took over the filling while I finally became comfortable with the icing. 

eaten chocolate strawberry champagne cupcakes

I’m not a natural baker. But though I’m not a natural baker, or knitter or runner or whatever, I’ve really begun to embrace the trial of it all. Of course my first scarf is going to have it’s imperfections, of course my pace isn’t as fast as I’d like it to be, of course my cupcakes aren’t picture perfect. 

I think I keep coming back to this point where I realize that life really isn’t about having it all together. It’s about trying and laughing and just being. It’s actually more of an adventure this way. And that, my friend, is so incredibly freeing.