simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

My mom showed me these words from Leonardo Da Vinci recently and mentioned that they reminded her of me. 

Growing up, every inch of my bedroom was covered with things I loved. Shelves were filled with books, crosses hung on the wall, bulletin boards we're filled to the brim with what inspired me, and pictures adorned every wall. Friends would come over and note how full my walls were. To me, they were a reflection of who I was. 


In my adult years, this view has shifted. I now have carefully curated walls, space open on shelves, and room to live&breathe. 

I have fallen in love with having a home and a life that is less about stuff and more about living and meaning. I would rather have a few nice things than a room full of things I wouldn’t miss if they were gone. 

wood log

When I moved into my first apartment these words became my new manifesto:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

I constantly remind myself of those words when I am thinking of bringing anything in my home or am going through what I already have. Happiness does not come in things we put around us but in the people we surround ourselves with.