weekly goals |

Okay, 2015. We’re on day 14 and I’m feeling pretty good.

That list of things I wanted to do is still pretty applicable and defining the steps to get there really has made the difference this year.


I still smile when I get to color in another gold circle on my Make 29 Goal Tracker and I’ve really come to love the odd satisfaction of checking off a goal on my new app.

I heard about from this Skillshare class. It's very simple to use and it serves as a built in tracker & keeper of stats for all three of my current goals.

I love that you can set smaller goals within the app. For example, I really am not interested in running every day. But I am interested in running at total of 3 times a week. Within each goal that I choose, I can specify the number of times I’d like to complete that activity each week.

Right now my personal goals are:
1. Post a photo on Instagram at least 2 times a week
2. Run a total of 3 times a week
3. Blog all 5 weekdays

Overall, it’s January 14th and I realize this may or may not be an entire 2015 thing. Right now I’m loving it and it’s totally serving it’s purpose. 

Download it for free and play around with it! Let me know what you think! Do you have any other ideas for goal tracking? Any success stories?