my people give such good gifts

Though it’s my only day each week that I can sleep in, Saturdays have a way to pull me out of bed without an alarm.

This past Saturday morning I spent some time pouring over the precious gift that my dear friend, Betsy, had given me for Christmas. 

rifle paper co. citrus floral recipe box cards

It was the hand-picked the recipe box I had been eyeing for what seemed like years, filled with recipes from some of my closest friends and family.

As I pulled out each and every recipe from that box I was overwhelmed by the love I felt. Betsy had contacted very important people in my life and asked them to share a favorite recipe with me. There was the recipe for my family’s Oreo Salad from my sister, a baked lemon pasta from my favorite Floridian friend, Jodee’s homemade salsa recipe in Kansas City, Betsy’s boy’s family recipe for chicken pot pie, and my own Apple Guy’s mother’s cheesecake recipe. 

So Saturday found me eating homemade peanut m&m muffin-cake (because why not?), drinking warm coffee and reading over my new recipe gems.

I can’t decide which one to try first! Maybe I’ll make a feast of it and try them all! 

coffee st. augustine tea towel

Thanks a million and a half, Bets! I will cherish this forever.