breakfast quinoa | my way

Prior to falling in love with the breakfast quinoa at Tiny's No. 5 in Houston on New Years day, I had only ever had a savory version of quinoa. When I returned home I started to crave the warm, nutty deliciousness that was that breakfast quinoa and needed something to take me back to that morning at Tiny’s. 

o obviously I googled ‘breakfast quinoa’ in order to find something comparable. I stumbled upon this recipe and decided to tweak it a smidge [aka I forgot to buy the coconut & the berries at the store weren’t looking too hott]. 

This weekend I woke up with that quinoa in my mind. I pulled it together the best I knew how.  

It was obviously different. And that’s 100% okay. 

I loved the simple art of trying something I’ve never made before and enjoying the process of it. I would totally make it again. But this time I’d remember the coconut & buy the berries.

But hey, isn’t that part of the process? Always refining, always moving forward, and always seeking out delicious meals.