the wonders of knitting

Winter months bring a new cast of characters: the familiar Christmas decorations, Christmas music, and holiday goodies, with guest appearances by running shoes and knitting needles.

[More on the running later.]

I am a self-taught knitter. Well, myself and the inter-webs. In the past few years I've established a few rows, messed up and started over. And over and over. But I loved every minute of it. 

Circa November 2011

Circa November 2011

Last Thursday I had an itch to knit. 

I pulled up the old videos I had once played over and over and began. This time I used circular needles with the intent of knitting an infinity-like scarf. 

So in true Ashley fashion I started and restarted a total of 4 times before I got it right. But, hey, it's about the process, right? 

Over the weekend I used every available moment to work on knitting my scarf. My fingers hurt and my eyes started to go cross from staring at each stitch, but it started to really take shape.


A few days and some sore fingers later, I'm not finished with my scarf. If there are any knitting pros reading this (or anyone with more experience than myself) you are probably cringing over my yarn baby. And I'm totally cool with it.

I'm no expert. I just love to learn. And try. And just start. Which, if you haven't noticed is my current life motto. 

So here's where we are: one skein in and one more purchased. My current plan of action is to double the width of the scarf by adding the second skein. The final issue is that in my long knitting career I've done a whole lot of starting, but I've never finished anything. So, casting off will be my final hurdle.

Fingers crossed I don't mess anything up!